ServiceNow Projects – More than a Technology Change

ServiceNow Projects – More than a Technology Change

Our clients desire to solve a number of issues and improve various business processes as a result of the ServiceNow implementation. In order to achieve these various goals TEAM2 proposes a phased approach in the spirit of “crawl, walk, run”. ServiceNow projects differ from typical IT technology projects in the following ways:

  • Not just tech – Technical ServiceNow development completion is not the end of a project, but the beginning of the “realization” phase, the phase in which real business benefit is achieved
  • Change agent – ServiceNow related projects inherently introduce significant change to business processes and/or behavior
  • Beyond IT – ServiceNow projects frequently involve organization members far beyond the IT group alone
  • Change tolerance – Careful consideration of organizational “appetite for change” is a vital part of project planning – plans must take into consideration logical groupings of features that will allow for user training and adoption
  • User adoption – How well new features are organized and users trained can have an impact on not only perception of the system, but on the business value realized; enthusiastic user adoption is a key to business value attainment


Fixed Price Implementation

Given TEAM2’s deep knowledge of the best practices in ServiceNow environments across industries, we have crafted a solution which meets our client’s desired Development profile. Here you will find a description of our Virtual Development Services (VDS) along with our standard support package, TEAM2-Care, which we have bundled together to form every customer’s engagement. VDS provides a flexible but fixed fee engagement based on our client’s expected activities.

This first phase with a fixed fee will concentrate on the establishment of foundational services which may include the following:

  • Incident management
  • Request management “lite”
  • Service portal
  • Mobile access
  • Basic workflow for approval and ticket routing

Virtual Development Services

Managed Development – DevOps for ServiceNow :
TEAM2 has built a sophisticated global delivery model with multiple tiers of delivery to maximize value and minimize response time. A true managed service, our clients, no matter the size of contract are covered by a team of Certified ServiceNow Administrators and Developers who cross train to understand your specific environment.


  • Block of hours to be applied to requests, projects, consulting, etc.
  • Designated “Tier3” lead as SPOC (single point of contact)
  • Ultra-fast execution with Hybrid TEAM2-DevAgile
  • Aggregate hourly rates with Q-on-Q rollover up to 50% of contracted hours
  • 24 x 7 coverage for major planned activities such as major releases, version upgrades, etc.
  • 24 x 5 execution of Development tasks and requests
  • Designated team, cross-trained on your specific ServiceNow environment
  • Access to expertise across all ServiceNow modules

Virtual Admin Services

TEAM2 recommends a contract structure that corresponds to the deployment method used; a fixed price for Phase1 and a small recurring development/admin engagement to execute subsequent phases via a continuous development or DevOps methodology.  The added benefit to our clients is that TEAM2 will bundle a 24×7 administration service to maintain and manage the production system while we continue to develop and deploy new features.

Standard Support Features

  • 2 upgrades/year*
  • Quarterly clones from production to nonproduction, up to two nonproduction environments
  • 2/year ACE (automated configuration evaluation) report, remediation recommendations**
  • 24 x 7 coverage for production outages
  • Integration with TEAM2 ServiceNow, for incident management
  • Monitor select ServiceNow operational processes with thresholds based on your business priorities
  • Quarterly business review
  • TEAM2 Virtual Architect
  • Knowledge conference event review and recommendations

*Conditions Apply

Generally, for ServiceNow projects there is a big difference between technical project completion, and project success.  ServiceNow is an enterprise operations platform.  How effectively it is used is at the core of realizing hard and soft ROI. Learn how our TEAM2-CareSM  services offer economical costs based on your ServiceNow License Fees