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Success Vs. Completion

Success vs. Completion – The Realization Cycle

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The diagram alongside depicts TEAM2’s approach to ServiceNow projects and reflects a DevOps method. TEAM2 as both, a provider and consumer of ServiceNow as a platform, is keenly aware that there is a big difference between ServiceNow technical deployment completion and a successful project. This dichotomy is at the core of how we operate day-to-day and how we approach both short, and long-term engagements with our clients.


The key is to understand that REALIZATION of an intended business benefit is the aim of nearly all ServiceNow related projects.  This seems self-evident but Realization requires far more than technical proficiency; Training, Empowerment, Automation, Measurement (TEAM) and other factors are the difference between COMPLETION of a technical deployment, and SUCCESS in achieving the underlying business goal.  In the diagram below, the Define and Develop phases are red, because they represent significant cost.  Realization is green, because that is how return on investment is realized.


In a traditional IT project such as a technology refresh, completing the hardware or software refresh and cutting over to the new environment marks the completion, and success of the project. ServiceNow projects are usually based on an underlying goal of operational optimization or enhancement.  The realization of that goal is simply enabled by the configuration and use of ServiceNow.  Consequently, a perfectly deployed technically correct ServiceNow instance if not utilized in a manner to achieve the intended business goal – is a failed project.


RACI is a common framework to depict roles and responsibilities in any project. In the case of Realization; R, A, and C are most applicable

  • R – responsible (resource & task completion)
  • A – accountable (overall owner)
  • C – consulted (validation, consensus)

There are typically 3 main players:

  • Business – responsible for financial performance
  • OPS – fulfillers and super-users
  • Dev – ServiceNow developer/administrators

The cycle shows in typical DevOps fashion that while roles may change, Development and OPS have critical roles in every cycle and must continuously collaborate.

Realization is the phase where the OPS and Business stakeholders are paramount.  Using ServiceNow as intended to gain the greatest benefit is ultimately the “payoff” for all of the hard work and diligence in Development

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