About Us

The ServiceNow Technologists

Why TEAM2? Because our clients are TEAM1…

Let TEAM2 manage ServiceNow – You focus on your business.


Since TEAM2 started up as customers of ServiceNow, we have a complete understanding of the ServiceNow Implementation Lifecycle. Our teams provide complete operations services for systems support, custom development and business process support for clients around the world. Our methods and practices work seamlessly with our clients to provide support from business process integration through transition planning and implementation to support, maintenance & enhancement development.
Fixed Fee Onboarding

We provide maximum accountability for go-live, and the needed flexibility to implement the many features subsequently.

Rapid Implementation

TEAM2 offers cost-effective packages from 10 – 1000 hours per month, the power of shared services delivered by certified professionals

Ongoing Support

TEAM2 can support, maintain, develop your ServiceNow environment for less than it would cost you to do yourself.

Expert Managed Services for ServiceNow

We have built a sophisticated global delivery model with multiple tiers of delivery to maximize value and minimize response time for our customers.

DevOps Approach

TEAM2 as both, a provider & consumer of ServiceNow platform, is keenly aware that there is a big difference between ServiceNow technical deployment completion and a successful project. TEAM2’s approach to ServiceNow projects reflects a DevOps method. Development and OPS have critical collaborative roles in every cycle of implementation.

Hybrid Delivery Model

Over the last 10 years we have “cracked the code” on how to provide high quality, intimate, low cost services using a hybrid on and offshore model. Start with seasoned client focused onshore teams and tie them together with highly talented accountable offshore teams (our own full time employees) with world class delivery systems.

Flexible Yet Efficient

Use TEAM2 the way that works for your organization

Strategic – Complete responsibility for your ServiceNow environment

Supplemental – Integrated with your team

Tactical – Routine and off-hour work to improve your quality of life

Our Background

TEAM2 is the name of our company and is focused on optimizing IT operations. Helping all levels of IT managers, from first line OPS to business focused executives, navigate the bewildering options in the market, while optimizing and motivating their internal teams.


We chose the name TEAM2 as it embodies our approach to the market. We are not trying to replace IT operations, but help enterprise shared service operators and managed service providers alike, provide world class services, with optimized teams and processes.


We have formed a close relationship with, and gained deep expertise utilizing, ServiceNow to optimize operations. After the implementation of ServiceNow at Datavail we were able to dramatically improve profitability through innovative operational techniques enabled by the flexible platform that ServiceNow provides.

Keenan Phelan

Principal Consultant | Founder at TEAM2 | 12+ years in IT Managed Services

Brook Shufford

Service Transformation Expert, Cybersecurity Practices Innovator, ServiceNow Solution Innovator